††††††††††† Many people complain on Election Day, that it is a choice between two evils. It can be two candidates who do not represent the voterís values. This can often happen because the average voter does not pay attention to voting on Primary Day.


††††††††††† Primary Day elections determine who will be the standard bearer for the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and any other third party. In other words, it narrows down the field to two or three candidates, who will be the choices on Election Day.


††††††††††† Because of this lack of attention, there is usually a low voter turnout on Primary Day. The party faithful usually turn out because they know their vote carries more weight in the Primary Election, than in the general election. A low turnout means that each and every vote carries more weight, and decides the choices for the voters on Election Day.


††††††††††† Be sure to vote on Primary Day; this gives you a greater choice and a greater influence on the outcome on Election Day.