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When you go into that voting booth, remember you are a Catholic, before you are a Democrat or a Republican
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 As Catholics, we hold certain values. One of the most important of these is our value of "the sanctity of life". When applied to a child in the womb, this means that abortion is wrong. It is the taking of a human life. It is playing God. It is interfering with God's miracle of creation. In 2007, it was announced that a new four dimensional sonogram showed a fetus climbing the wall of a uterus at 12 weeks, and at 13 and 14 weeks, yawning and blinking its eyes. Can anyone - in a rational frame of mind - say that this fetus is not alive; is not human?

As Catholics, we have an obligation to protect these innocent defenseless children from the killing hands of abortionists; abortionists whose main goal is often economic, that is to make money by killing them. The longer the term of the fetus, the more money they get for an abortion.

The Roe vs. Wade decision of the Supreme Court is now over 39 years old. It was made in the framework of the limited knowledge and technology of the day in regard to the living fetus. Today in light of new knowledge and technology, the whole issue should be revisited.

Catholics have an obligation to prevent abortion from taking place, by denying pro-abortion politicians their vote. Lincoln one said: "If you know of a wrong and do nothing about it, you are as guilty as the person committing the wrong." If we vote for a pro-choice (to kill) candidate, we are enabling the abortionists to ply their dirty trade. And, we would be complicit in a grave evil.

 In addition, we are ensuring that the Supreme Court will be packed with judges who support this choice to kill. It is not enough for a politician to say that I am against abortion myself, but I would not prevent anyone else from getting one. Is this not like saying I don't support ethnic cleansing, but I would not stop anyone else from doing it  i.e. Hitler in the 1930 s and 40 s ?

In order to fulfill our obligation, we must not only deny our vote to a pro - Choice (to kill) politician, but should cast our vote for a Pro- Life candidate, We, as Catholics can make a difference in this matter. We are 29 % of the voting population, and growing. Catholics are the largest swing vote in the nation. No one, but no one can be elected president without a majority of our vote. (And don't think that today's politicians are not aware of this.)

So remember when you go into that voting booth, you are a Catholic first, before you are a Democrat or a Republican.



  In 2007, then Cardinal Ratzinger of the Vatican, now Pope Benedict XVI, sent a message to all Bishops stating that politicians who support abortion should be denied Holy Communion. If the Church denies them Holy Communion, shouldn't we as Catholics deny them our vote too?

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