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When you go into that voting booth, remember you are a Catholic, before you are a Democrat or a Republican
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1.                The Catholic Voter in American Politics

         (The Passing of the Democratic Monolith)

          by  William B. Prendergast

          Georgetown University Press, Washington, D.C. 1999


2.                Persecution

         (How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity)    

          by  David Limbaugh

          Regency Publishing, Inc.  Washington, D.C.  2003


3.            The American Catholic Voter

        200 Years of Political Impact

        by George Marlin

           St. Augustine’s Press   2004


 4.    Characters of the Reformation

           (Illustrates some roots of anti-Catholicism)

          by Hilaire Belloc                            First Published 1936

          Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.    

          Rockford, Illinois 61105              Republished in 1992


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