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It's the Supreme Court

      It's not only the Presidency, it's the Senate too ----------


      The Supreme Court interprets our laws i.e. Roe vs. Wade legalizing abortion. Here's how it works:

1)    The President appoints Supreme Court judges, and Appeal Court judges, as well as other      Federal Court judges.

2)    The Supreme Court appointees are usually drawn from the pool of Appeal Court judges.

3)    The Senate must confirm the Supreme Court appointee.

4)    The Senate must also vote on the appointment of Appeal Court judges. However, these Appeal Court judges must first be approved by a majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee, before a vote on the floor of the Senate can take place. Currently, there are 8 Republican members and 10 Democratic members on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

5)    The Democratic or Republican  members of the Senate Judiciary Committee can threaten a filibuster - which causes a stalemate - for any potential Appeals Court nominee they do not like. (Translate to pro-life attitude or belief.) Some Democratic members have voted against Appeals Court appointees because they held "deeply religious views" (Translate to pro-life Catholic). This action by the Democratic members of the Committee appears to be nothing but outright Anti-Catholic Bigotry. Such bias - and the Senators who hold this bias - have no place in the U.S. Senate and/or in any branch of our government.

6)    To correct this grave injustice, we must send a strong message to any bigoted Senators at the next election, and we must make an example of them. Let them know that Catholics are not second class citizens, nor are their beliefs and values something to be sneered at or ignored.






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