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When you go into that voting booth, remember you are a Catholic, before you are a Democrat or a Republican
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Take the "Pledge"

           To Take the "Pledge" we should send a letter to our Representative and our Senators, telling them that we will never vote for a Pro-Choice (to kill) politician. You can find your Representative and Senators, along with their addresses, from the links below.  


Find Your Representative ·


U.S. Senate: Senators Home -


       Sample letters can be accessed here. You can add your name and address,          your Representatives / Senator's name and address, print one out,sign it, and        address it to your Representitive and your Senators.

  Letter to Representative

  Letter to Senator 


       The letters above are in "inline frames." Not all browsers support "inline frames."     If your browser does not support these letters, you can use the links below to access      a letter where you can fill in your name and address after printing the letter.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also use these links to print out multiple copies for each member of your family or club or Council, or group. Please send each letter in a separate envelope; it make a better impression.

Let's fill our politicians' offices with bags of mail from us.    

                            Letter to Representative

                           Letter to Senator









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